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LUNI is proud to bring you an exclusive collection of products inspired by the Costa Rican identity and heritage. Our goal has been to create new, modern "souvenirs" and gifts that represent this beautiful country and its culture and at the same time, to provide you with contemporary and elegant products that brighten up your everyday life.

Our products were created because of the genuine love we have for Costa Rica, its people, and traditions. We hope that you join us in celebrating our identity and proudly show it to the world.


We hope to make a difference not just in people's everyday lives, but also by contributing and giving back - by supporting a cause that we truly believe in. Our ultimate goal is to promote and raise awareness about the importance of Costa Rican wildlife and the conservation of the rainforest.   


We are more than happy to be donating part of our profits to Kids Saving The Rainforest- a non-profit organization in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica that works hard in order to save rescued wild animals.

This organization focuses on rehabilitating them (providing them with a safe environment, offering medical attention, retraining them to use their instincts) and, once they have recovered completely, releasing them back into the rainforest. Unfortunately for some of the animals, a release is not always possible due to their physical conditions or external factors. Nevertheless the Rescue Center and Sanctuary tries to guarantee these animals the best replacement for their natural habitat.


They also conduct educational programs about the ecological importance of the rainforest and its various inhabitants, as well as related research and volunteering projects. 


Our donations will help animals such as monkeys, sloths, anteaters, parrots, and tamarins, among others to get back into the wild or help them to adapt to their new home (providing them food, toys or other much-needed supplies), and we couldn't be more excited about it! 

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